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PCD & PcBN Milling Cutters, Cartridges & Inserts

Cubing Mill

Ultra-Mill Milling Cutters

Most versatile and easily set milling cutter in the industry

Symmetrical cartridge pocket design allows for right or left hand operation with one cutter body

Available in diameters from 2.50” to 14.00” (63mm to 350mm) and larger

Aluminum or steel body

Ultra Mill Cartridge

Ultra-Mill Cartridges

Patented design allows for various cartridge geometries such as right hand, left hand, positive and negative rakes, while utilizing the same cutter body

Standard nose radius sizes from .010” to .100” (0,25mm to 2,50mm)

Standard depth of cuts from .200” to .750” (5,0mm to 19,0mm)

Special geometries and lasered chipbreakers available

Available in PCD and PcBN

PCD Inserts

PCD & PcBN Inserts

Common ISO & ANSI inserts available to choose from

Special geometries, lasered chipbreakers and chip splitters available

Available in PCD and PcBN